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At DC&M we believe that whatever your disability, there is a mobility scooter for you in our range with up to date styles and reliable brands we will have a product to suite your needs. Our fully trained staff will help guide you through our assessment process and advise you on products to suit your medical and environmental needs, please contact us for competitive prices.

Sub Categories

Car transportable scooters are ideal for dismantling and popping into your car boot for days out and holidays.

They are fitted with solid tyres which means you are not vunerable to punctures. The mileage can range from between 6 and 16 miles depending on which battery size you opt for, these compact scooters make it easy to manoeuvre around smaller shops and spaces. The batteries can be easily removed meaning the scooter can stay in your car whilst you bring the battery pack indoors for easy charging. The maximum speed is 4 mph and car transportable scooters are only permitted to travel on pavements. Many accessories are available such as rear bags, baskets, stick holders and protective control covers.

All of our scooters are available to view in store or for home assessment and demonstration.

Pavement style scooters are brilliant for longer distance trips, they are not designed to come apart so most people wanting to transport them would require a vehicle hoist. Pavement scooters most commonly have pneumatic tyres so are more a comfortable ride in comparison to smaller styles. The distance can range between 16 and 25 miles depending on the terrain you are travelling on and some of our scooters are available with a full captains seat with head rest for additional comfort. Our pavement scooters are fitted with front suspension for a smoother journey, their speed is between 4 & 6 mph and they have front and rear lights. The majority of this style scooter have swivel seats as well as sliding seats and adjustable tillers, for hoisting advice please contact our Vehicle Adaptations Department where they will be able to assess your needs.

All our scooters are available to view in store or for home assessment and demonstration.

8mph scooters are road legal and must be road tax registered, they are fitted with half speed switches making it quick and easy to adjust speed to 4mph when travelling on pavements. Our 8mph scooters are complete with full suspension, pneumatic tyres and full captains seats. The mileage they can travel is up tp 35 miles depending on the terrain and they are fitted with a full set of lights, the majority have wing mirrors for easy maneuvering. This style of scooter is designed with comfort in mind for those planning to travel on longer journeys. Some are available with more modern features such as LCD digital displays, phone charging ports and storage compartments.

All our scooters are available to view in store or for home assessment and demonstration.

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Kymco Maxi XLS

The Kymco Maxi XLS is the newest version of the extremely successful Maxi XL.

Kymco Maxer

NEW Kymco Maxer Scooter NEW

Introducing the fantastic NEW Kymco ForU Maxer 8mph Mobility scooter. What a wonderful design and modern look those guys at Kymco have produced.  The Maxer Foru 8mph scooter is the next generation!

Ultralite 480

The Ultralite 480 is the ultimate transportable scooter. With its compact and lightweight design, the 480 ensures you stay independent at all times. This scooter has a proven reputation for outstanding design and reliability.

Liteway Balance Plus

The enhanced design features of the Liteway Balance Plus make this the natural choice if you are looking for increased legroom, ease of steering and optimum manoeuvrability.

Liteway 4 Plus

This high performance all-rounder is daringly different thanks to the unique styling of the lightweight tubular frame and innovative latch-lock system on the two-piece chassis.

Liteway 8

At last, a Class 3, transportable, aluminium scooter that has been uniquely designed to go the extra mile. The Liteway 8 provides the benefits of an 8mph scooter in terms of comfort and range of travel, yet offering the convenience of fitting easily into the boot of most family-sized cars.

Rascal Veo

The Rascal Veo is a robust and highly manoeuvrable travel scooter that is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rascal Veo X

The Rascal Veo X is a robust and highly manoeuvrable travel scooter that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has among the best legroom of any scooter in its class and a really easy to use 'take apart' mechanism.

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